Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates


Release date: 10th August 2016/Watch the trailer here

Over the past few years, there’s been an influx of comedies where twenty-something, hard-partying idiots realise they can’t keep up this lifestyle forever; a supposed deeper message hidden within the raunchier details. Some of these films have been funny, some not so much – Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is more of the same old, but at least it falls into the (mostly) funny category.

The story is a familiar one: brothers Mike (Adam Devine) and Dave (Zac Efron) are asked to bring dates along to their sister’s wedding to keep in check their tendency to ruin all family events. Cue Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana (Aubrey Plaza), best friends who are even wilder than Mike and Dave, masquerading under the pretence of ‘nice girls’ for a free trip to Hawaii.


Of course it’s nothing new, taking a leaf out of the book of nearly every comedy from the last fifteen years. What Mike and Dave does bring to the table, however, is Kendrick and Plaza, who are willing to get just as down and dirty as the boys: whether it’s Alice getting the bride-to-be high during the rehearsal dinner or the foul-mouthed Tatiana, who Plaza plays like her Parks and Recreation character April Ludgate but on drugs.

These are the pros: the cons being Adam Devine, as annoying as ever, and Mike and Dave‘s attempted ventures into raunchier, controversial humour which end up being so cringeworthy they’re difficult to watch. It’s the charming stupidity of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates that makes it funny – even if it’s more snort-under-your-breath than laugh out loud.


Still, there are more than enough entertaining set pieces to keep Mike and Dave afloat until the very end, aided by a cast of loveable idiots. There are occasional moments of hilarious genius that transcend the dumb comedy, but they get lost amongst the cruder gags and failed attempts to be shocking. Even so, as summer comedies go, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates isn’t a total belly flop. You’ll have forgotten all about it by next week, but at least it made you snort under your breath a couple of times.



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